Wherever, whatever ! feel connected..

Raylog powered smart home products managed with an integrated app.

Wherever, whatever ! feel connected..

Rio renders a powerful interface to control, automate and visualize all Raylog powered smart home products with an integrated app. Get access to your smart home at anytime and from anywhere. Great way to plug the royal automation needs of the world.

Control the home appliances from Rio app on the go with Raylog powered products.

Icon option

On long clicking the buttons available on the screen, the user is given with four options like SCHEDULER, TIMER, ICON COLOUR CHANGE, & CHOICE OF ICON. These options are individual to each switch.


Scheduling of each appliance on daily or weekly basis according to the user requirement.
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A Timer to set on/off duration of a particular appliance.
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User choice icon color

16 million different colors for panel switching state icons can be set depending on user's need.
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User choice icon

Each smart touch icon can be customized as per user need at the time of installation.
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Device control options

On long clicking of onyx logo button available on the screen, the user is given with three options like NIGHT MODE, CHILD LOCK & RESET.

Night mode

Night mode option to control the brightness of the panels background light during night.
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Child lock

Panel lock option to set panel's touch to active or inactive state.
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Reset option to set everything to initial state as it was during installation The user can select any one of them appropriately.
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Scan a device

The device installed can be connected to the app through the QR code.  You can find the QR code on the panel and on the warranty card. The user can scan the  provided QR code using the SCAN option available in the menu.

Share a device

The SHARE option in the menu helps in sharing the device control/access to the other trusted person.

Remove Device

The REMOVE option is available on the menu which enables the user to remove the device from the device list which is no longer in use.

Configure device

There is an option called CONFIGURE device available in the menu with  which the user can configure the device to which WI-FI network to which it has to be connected to.

Device details

The device DETAILS option in the menu brings out the device parameters in detail to the user. The device name, model, and device ID can be viewed in here.


Available on play store & app store

RIO, an integrated app for all Raylog powered smart home products. It is a powerful interface to control all Raylog powered smart home products from anywhere at any time. It provides different options for individual accessing and controlling of your devices.