BrilliantArms - a learning unit of Raylog

Since its conception early in the year 2013, BrilliantArms learning unit has been aiding the desperate learning minds satisfy their potential in learning technology during their academics and else times. We do this through customized guidelines, working as an inseparable unit with the scholar for an effective learning. BrilliantArms is a Design Center, engaged dynamically in the field of Electronics Project Designing and Training. At BrilliantArms, we do cover a collective sub-domains of Electronics Engineering appropriate from Analog Electronics to cutting edge Internet of things. That is not all; it as well enables the individual to actualize their specific innovative thoughts into a fruitful professional outcome with keen guidance from design floor planning to documentation.

Students experiencing a wide range of possibilities over the technological limitations in the innovative world of product development.


Long-term course

Period: 4 to 6 months

Level: Advanced

Topics: C programming, Python, Java, Android development, PCB fabrication, Electronics, Embedded system, FPGA, HTML5

 A 4 to 6 months technical course designed to integrate the power of world-class learning and to achieve maximum specialization skills. Choose the skill learning from various topics offered from time to time on the cutting edge technological trends.

Short-term course

Period: 3 to 6 weeks

Level: Basic – Advanced

Topics: Arduino, Raspberry pi, IoT, Ai, PLC-SCADA

A short-term course engages the student for 3 to 6 weeks of intense training for mastering a skill by including hands-on-project and giving a seamless learning
experience to equip with the rich skills of future technologies.

Academic connect programs

  •  Workshops
  •  Faculty development programs 
  •  Student development programs
  •  Technical competitions

Internship program

Prototyping venture